Ninaouity - A jewellery gift shop

About Ninaouity

I am Nina, creator of Ninaouity, also an accounting professional based in London.

Full-time office work nearly made me a dull person.

One day I visited a newly opened gift shop near my office during lunch break. I was fascinated by that creative little stuff. The random discovery made my day.

Since then many ideas about earrings, necklaces, and rings came up in my mind when seeing some daily objects. I saw cherry in the supermarket, and thinking about making cherry rings and earrings. I saw a plastic flower bouquet thinking of using one of them to make statement rings.

To bring those thoughts into the actual items is a totally different venture. I search supplies markets to find pieces for my ideas. It sometimes takes hours to assemble, and I need to try many times to make them look great. And oddly, I did not feel tired, but energetic.

Initially, I gave my creations to family and friends as gifts. I love to see how happy they are to receive those unique and only pieces of work in the world.

Then I decided to make my creation available to everyone, who is seeking something special for themselves, their loved ones, and their friends.

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